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The Renewable Energy Project Resource Center offers project-relevant renewable energy (RE) documents to the global energy community. It is designed to assist in making RE project planning and implementation more efficient and sustainable as well as to facilitate knowledge exchange across organizations and regions.

There is value in building on prior experience and knowledge and for this reason the platform contains a broad set of technical information and specific tools to help incorporate best practices and lessons learned in past and ongoing energy projects. Information you can find include Terms of Reference, Economic and Financial Analysis Methodology, Sample Legal and Procurement Documents, Case Studies with analysis of success factors and lessons learned, and more.

The RE Project Resource Center is a living repository and its success depends on contributions from the global energy community. We look forward to your contributions! Learn more on how you can contribute here.

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Project Resource Center: 167 documents listed

Document TitleDoc. TypeLanguageDate AddedLast Editor
Identification And Analysis Of Standard Clauses Of PPA And Leasing Agreements For Energy Provision In The Humanitarian SectorLegal DocumentsEnglish20 February 2020 14:14:24*****
Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017) - German Renewable Energy LawLegal DocumentsEnglish17 May 2018 22:19:58*****
Utility Scale Solar PV ProjectsLegal Documents
Procurement Documents
English17 May 2018 22:17:18*****
Examples on the country-level are the standard bidding documents and contracts developed for ArgentinaLegal Documents
Procurement Documents
Spanish17 May 2018 22:13:49*****
Resources for Chile Laws and RegulationsLegal DocumentsSpanish17 May 2018 22:11:04*****
Recommendations for the Design of Successful Renewable Energy Auctions or Competitive Tenders in Africa, Lessons from South AfricaCase StudyEnglish17 May 2018 22:08:12*****
Innovative Risk Finance Solutions – Insights for Geothermal Power Development in Kenya and EthiopiaOtherEnglish15 March 2017 10:48:29*****
Texas’ Clean Energy Economy: Prioritizing Jobs, Investments, and GrowthOtherEnglish7 March 2017 15:31:39*****
Policy Pathways towards Convergence of Renewable Energy Policies in the EUOtherEnglish1 December 2016 15:39:26*****
Assessing and Mapping Renewable Energy ResourcesOtherEnglish12 August 2016 18:49:42*****
ENSPOL 3rd Policy Brief: Energy Efficiency Policy Mixes under Article 7OtherEnglish13 July 2016 13:49:46*****
Towards2030 New Report: Phasing out economic support to mature renewables?OtherEnglish10 June 2016 11:38:45*****
Towards2030-Dialogue Report "Analysis of Interactions Between Renewable Support & Climate PoliciesOtherEnglish7 June 2016 09:34:30*****
Appropriate Policy Portfolios for (nearly) Mature RES‐E TechnologiesOtherEnglish20 April 2016 10:40:10*****
Climate Change Policy Outside the EU: The Role of Carbon PricingOtherEnglish20 April 2016 10:14:13*****
An Efficient Mechanism for Cross-border Support of Renewable Electricity in the European UnionOtherEnglish15 April 2016 12:28:53*****
Towards 2030 - Scenarios on Meeting 27% Renewable Energies by 2030OtherEnglish5 February 2016 11:53:58*****
Geothermal Power Project - Preparation of Resettlement Policy FrameworkTerms of ReferenceEnglish19 October 2015 23:02:16*****
Geothermal Power Project - Study of Environmental and Social ImpactTerms of ReferenceEnglish19 October 2015 22:06:23*****
Template Contract for Supply of Biomass FuelLegal DocumentsEnglish16 June 2015 18:46:14*****
Feasibility Study for the Western Cape Government Solar PV ProjectTerms of ReferenceEnglish25 April 2015 02:11:57*****
Impacts of a Micro-Enterprise Clustering Program on Firm Performance in GhanaCase StudyEnglish2 April 2015 10:32:00*****
Fear of the Dark? How Access to Electric Lighting Affects Security Attitudes and Nighttime Activities in Rural SenegalCase StudyEnglish2 April 2015 08:22:42*****
A First Step up the Energy Ladder? Low Cost Solar Kits and Household’s Welfare in Rural RwandaCase StudyEnglish2 April 2015 08:17:02*****
Impacts of Rural Electrification in RwandaCase StudyEnglish2 April 2015 08:09:56*****
Taking a Holistic Approach to Planning and Developing Hydropower - Lessons from Two River Basin Case Studies in IndiaCase StudyEnglish26 March 2015 21:19:55*****
Innovative Finance For Renewable Energy SolutionsOtherEnglish26 March 2015 12:03:07*****
Solar Pico PV Market Potential in NepalCase StudyEnglish26 March 2015 11:47:41*****
Consultant to Conduct Market Analysis of the Biogas for Business Program (B4B)Terms of ReferenceEnglish25 March 2015 00:04:19*****
Biodigester User SurveyTerms of ReferenceEnglish24 March 2015 23:44:44*****
Contrato de Interconexion para Fuente de Energia Hidroelectrica - MexicoLegal DocumentsSpanish24 March 2015 23:37:37*****
Convenio de Transmisión para Hidroeléctricas - MexicoLegal DocumentsSpanish24 March 2015 23:30:48*****
Contrato de Interconexion para Centrales de Generacion de Energia Electrica con Energia Renovable - MexicoLegal DocumentsSpanish24 March 2015 23:25:28*****
Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for Electricity Sale and Purchase for Grid-Connected Wind Power Projects - VietnamLegal DocumentsEnglish24 March 2015 21:00:05*****
Power Purchase Agreement with Feed-in Tariff - ArgentinaLegal DocumentsSpanish24 March 2015 20:54:43*****
Model Power Purchase Agreement – Sri LankaLegal DocumentsEnglish24 March 2015 20:46:50*****
Standardized Agreement for Purchase of Electrical Energy - Sri LankaLegal DocumentsEnglish24 March 2015 20:38:40*****
Dam Review Panel (DRP)Terms of ReferenceEnglish27 February 2015 21:01:57*****
Environmental Impact Assessment Studies of an Hydropower Development ProjectTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 February 2015 01:59:39*****
Sharing of International Best Practices in Environmental Impact Assessment of Hydropower ProjectsTerms of ReferenceEnglish26 February 2015 23:34:22*****
Solar PV-diesel Hybrid Business Planning ChecklistSurveys and QuestionnairesEnglish25 February 2015 22:06:42*****
CEFA and Rural Electrification in Tanzania: 25 years of commitmentCase StudyEnglish2 February 2015 16:11:16*****
Baseline Survey Report - Energy Utilization and Demand Baseline Assessment – PakistanSurveys and QuestionnairesEnglish29 January 2015 16:16:52*****
Renewable Energy Development Project - Cumulative Impact Assessment and Optimized Water Management in Selected River BasinsTerms of ReferenceEnglish13 January 2015 00:44:45*****
National Hydropower Sustainability AssessmentTerms of ReferenceEnglish13 January 2015 00:37:52*****
Technical Expansion And Cost Recovery Options For Electricity Transmission Expansion For Renewable EnergyTerms of ReferenceEnglish13 January 2015 00:13:31*****
Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) Tool - SADC RERA Mini-GridsProject FinancingEnglish19 May 2014 15:51:09*****
Power Purchase Tool - SADC RERA Mini-GridsProject FinancingEnglish19 May 2014 15:48:04*****
Retail Tariff Tool - SADC RERA Mini-GridsProject FinancingEnglish19 May 2014 15:43:01*****
Standardized Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) for Grid-connected Wind Power ProjectLegal DocumentsEnglish14 April 2014 15:12:12*****
Electricity Distribution Licence TemplateLegal DocumentsEnglish7 April 2014 22:54:28*****
Electricity Generation Licence TemplateLegal DocumentsEnglish7 April 2014 22:27:15*****
Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Capacity and Associated Electric Energy to the Isolated Mini-Grid – Based on Zimbabwean PracticeLegal DocumentsEnglish7 April 2014 22:06:06*****
Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for Purchase of Capacity and Associated Electric Energy to the Isolated Mini-Grid – Based on Tanzania/Kenya ExamplesLegal DocumentsEnglish7 April 2014 20:46:00*****
Zimbabwe Case Study - Gap Analysis and National Action Plan - Supportive Framework Conditions for Mini-grids Employing Renewable and Hybrid Generation in the SADC RegionCase Study
Terms of Reference
English7 April 2014 20:31:38*****
Namibia Case Study - Gap Analysis and National Action Plan - Supportive Framework Conditions for Mini-grids Employing Renewable and Hybrid Generation in the SADC RegionCase Study
Terms of Reference
English7 April 2014 20:09:10*****
Impact of Variable Renewable Energies on Power System Reliability and System SecurityCase StudyEnglish20 March 2014 17:55:09*****
Power System Stability - El SalvadorCase StudyEnglish20 March 2014 17:48:18*****
Power System Stability - IndiaCase StudyEnglish20 March 2014 16:28:42*****
Power System Stability - SenegalCase StudyEnglish20 March 2014 16:09:41*****
TOR ESMAP-World-Bank Solar-Wind-Measurement-Campaign Public June2020Terms of ReferenceEnglish20 March 2014 15:37:24*****
Renewable Energy Mapping - Small HydroTerms of ReferenceEnglish20 March 2014 15:16:17*****
Village Hydro/Wind/Biomass Post-Installation Verification (Sustainability Audit)Terms of ReferenceEnglish10 March 2014 16:20:57*****
Post Completion Audit of Sub-ProjectsTerms of ReferenceEnglish10 March 2014 16:09:27*****
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) produced for PakistanLegal DocumentsEnglish7 March 2014 16:41:38*****
Standard PPA between Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited (DISCOM) and a Wind Power ProducerLegal DocumentsEnglish7 March 2014 16:31:10*****
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Small Scale Rural Power ProjectsLegal DocumentsEnglish7 March 2014 16:05:21*****
Questionnaire on Sustainability of Rural Solar Home Systems (SHS) ElectrificationSurveys and QuestionnairesEnglish6 March 2014 11:07:33*****
Questionnaire pour les Menages RwandaSurveys and QuestionnairesFrench6 March 2014 10:57:21*****
Terms of Reference for a Baseline Study at Murunda Rutsiro Project SiteTerms of ReferenceEnglish6 March 2014 10:46:56*****
Termes de référence enquêteursTerms of ReferenceFrench6 March 2014 10:28:21*****
China Energy Utilization Questionnaire Form - Nongrid Household SurveySurveys and QuestionnairesEnglish19 February 2014 20:20:16*****
Smart Grid Implementation Support ConsultantTerms of ReferenceEnglish14 February 2014 16:36:51*****
Renewable Energy Support to Integrating Renewable Energy in Grid CodeTerms of ReferenceEnglish13 February 2014 23:38:29*****
Questionnaire for Village Power Systems in MongoliaSurveys and QuestionnairesEnglish9 December 2013 21:47:03*****
India - Consumer Credit Program for PVCase StudyEnglish21 October 2013 21:30:00*****
Chile - Rural Electricity Subsidies and the Private SectorCase StudyEnglish21 October 2013 21:21:06*****
Mexico - Renewable Energy in Agriculture ProjectCase StudyEnglish21 October 2013 20:10:58*****
China - Capacity Building for the Rapid Commercialization of Renewable EnergyCase StudyEnglish21 October 2013 19:23:21*****
Biogas Support Programme Fuels Rural Household Energy SupplyCase StudyEnglish18 October 2013 19:20:33*****
Instalações de Transmissão de Interesse Restrito a Usina HidreletricaLegal DocumentsPortuguese17 October 2013 21:45:59*****
Draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between ESCOM and another PartyLegal DocumentsEnglish17 October 2013 18:57:59*****
Concession Agreement for Generation of Electricity (Hydro)Legal DocumentsPortuguese17 October 2013 16:14:17*****
Model Financing Agreement (Convention de Financement)Project FinancingEnglish
16 October 2013 23:35:12*****
Technical Due Diligence Wind Power ProjectTerms of ReferenceEnglish16 October 2013 23:13:58*****
Model Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)Legal DocumentsEnglish16 October 2013 22:37:22*****
Standardized Small Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - for Main Grid ConnectionLegal DocumentsEnglish16 October 2013 22:26:09*****
Standardized Small Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for Isolated Mini Grid ConnectionLegal DocumentsEnglish16 October 2013 22:17:23*****
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Medium Scale Wind Power ProjectsLegal DocumentsEnglish16 October 2013 22:09:59*****
Draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Wind PowerLegal DocumentsEnglish16 October 2013 21:57:27*****
Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Development Project (RERED II) - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish16 October 2013 19:24:33*****
Two Standard Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for Small Hydropower PlantsLegal DocumentsPortuguese15 October 2013 22:59:00*****
Example of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)Legal DocumentsEnglish11 October 2013 18:28:52*****
Water Concession Agreement on Construction of Small Hydro Power Plants for Electricity GenerationLegal DocumentsEnglish11 October 2013 15:33:02*****
Tanzania - Toolkit on the Appraisal of Small Renewable Energy ProjectsCase StudyEnglish9 October 2013 18:53:09*****
Geothermal Power Generation Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish4 October 2013 16:11:39*****
Thailand - Sustainable Energy Finance ProgramCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:38:45*****
Turkey – Commercializing Sustainable Energy Finance ProgramCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:27:45*****
Mexico - Wind Development Program (LA MATA LA VENTOSA)Case StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:23:01*****
Thailand - Renewable Energy Acceleration ProgrammeCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:18:54*****
Sri Lanka – Portfolio Approach to Distributed Generation OpportunitiesCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:14:11*****
Colombia - Sustainable Energy Finance ProgramCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:05:45*****
Laos - Nam Theun 2 ProjectCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 15:01:32*****
Bolivia - SHS Medium-Term Service ContractsCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 14:38:14*****
Indonesia - Small HydropowerCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 14:31:55*****
Tunisia - UNEP Solar Water Heating Equipment Finance ProgramCase StudyEnglish4 October 2013 14:25:47*****
Beijing Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Scale-up (Sunshine Schools) Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 23:17:13*****
Ouarzazate I Concentrated Solar Power Plant Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 23:06:13*****
Lom Pangar Hydropower Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 22:59:51*****
Wind Power Development Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 22:49:35*****
Geothermal Clean Energy Investment Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 22:43:32*****
Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage Hydro-Electrical Power (1040 MW) Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:59:34*****
Rural Electrification Program - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:51:02*****
Rampur Hydroelectric Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:43:14*****
Felou Hydroelectric Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:32:59*****
Private Power Generation (Bujagali) Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:25:05*****
Integrated Energy Services Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 18:07:58*****
Rural Electrification Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 17:57:00*****
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Project - Economic and Financial AnalysisProject FinancingEnglish3 October 2013 17:29:52*****
India - IFC Rain CII Carbon LtdCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 15:30:32*****
Global - Carbon Partnership FacilityCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 15:20:59*****
India - ICICI Securisation of Share Micro-CreditsCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:58:59*****
Global - Insurance for RenewablesCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:54:09*****
China - UNEP Wind Reinsurance FacilityCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:49:19*****
Philippines - Leyte Geothermal Partial Credit GuaranteeCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:35:47*****
Chile - Chilean Economic Development Authority Credit LinesCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:30:23*****
Thailand - GEF/UNDP Biomass Generation and CooperationCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 14:07:41*****
Egypt - New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) Wind Farms FinancingCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:55:44*****
Burkina Faso - Rural Electrification ProgrammeCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:34:00*****
Asia - ADB Clean Energy Private Equity Investment FundsCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:30:07*****
Sri Lanka - Renewable EnergyCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:19:03*****
Rwanda - Advance Market Commitment (AMC) for Rural EnergyCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:11:46*****
Sri Lanka - ADB Power Fund for the PoorCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 13:05:18*****
Africa - AfDB Africa Carbon Support ProgrammeCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 12:58:32*****
Bangladesh - Solar Home Programme on Credit SalesCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 12:51:49*****
India - UNEP Solar Loan ProgrammeCase StudyEnglish3 October 2013 12:28:05*****
Uruguay - Wind Energy ProgrammeCase StudyEnglish1 October 2013 17:38:19*****
Hungary - GeoFundCase StudyEnglish1 October 2013 17:25:10*****
Philippines: Grid-connected Solar PV Hydro Hybrid DemonstrationCase StudyEnglish1 October 2013 16:56:24*****
Projet d'évaluation des ressources géothermiques - Etude d’impact Environnementale et SocialeTerms of ReferenceFrench1 October 2013 13:52:34*****
Assessment of Grid Absorption Capacity, Preparation of a Grid Code, Feed-In-Tariffs and Model Power Purchase Agreements for RE Systems in a Small Island StateTerms of ReferenceEnglish30 September 2013 21:32:09*****
Regulating Off-grid Electrification in CountryTerms of ReferenceEnglish30 September 2013 21:01:38*****
Business Models for Off-Grid Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy TechnologiesTerms of ReferenceEnglish30 September 2013 17:01:35*****
Estudios de Factibilidad del Abastecimiento Eléctrico de la Población Rural Dispersa con Energías RenovablesTerms of ReferenceSpanish30 September 2013 15:18:41*****
Consulting Services for 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power ProjectTerms of ReferenceEnglish30 September 2013 14:28:45*****
India – Renewable Energy Development AgencyCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 19:40:46*****
Nepal – Power Development ProjectCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 19:23:15*****
Uganda - West Nile Rural Electrification ProjectCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 19:07:50*****
Macedonia - Sustainable Energy Financing FacilityCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 18:58:42*****
Central America - E+Co CAREC Mezzanine Finance FundCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 18:50:36*****
Ukraine - Sustainable Energy Lending FacilityCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 16:13:34*****
India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam: SELCOCase StudyEnglish29 September 2013 15:37:15*****
Consultancy Services for End – User Auditing and Verification of Solar PV InstallationsTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 23:53:23*****
Establishment of Local PV System Battery Testing ProcedureTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 23:38:37*****
Establishment of Local PV Systems Certification CapabilityTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 23:18:54*****
Design of a Concession Pilot for Solar Home SystemsTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 22:52:55*****
Audit of Solar Home Systems ProjectTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 22:43:17*****
Management Information Systems Consultant: Photovoltaic Market Development and Technology Improvement ComponentsTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 16:52:51*****
Provision of PV System Installation Verification ServicesTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 14:01:02*****
PV Market StudyTerms of ReferenceEnglish27 September 2013 12:58:42*****
Preparation, Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Solar Battery Charging Stations SubprojectTerms of ReferenceEnglish26 September 2013 22:38:29*****
Review and Advice on Renewable Energy Policy and Regulatory Environment for the Promotion of Renewable Energy ResourcesTerms of ReferenceEnglish26 September 2013 18:46:16*****
Preparation of Mini-Hydro Private Power Projects for Financial ClosureTerms of ReferenceEnglish26 September 2013 18:23:48*****
Design of Micro-Hydro Funding Facility and Community Mobilization SupportTerms of ReferenceEnglish25 September 2013 22:45:54*****
Team Leader for Development of a Decision Toolkit for Off-Grid Energy SolutionsTerms of ReferenceEnglish25 September 2013 21:17:18*****
Establishment of Project Support Group for Development of Small Renewable Energy Projects, Focusing on Biomass EnergyTerms of ReferenceEnglish25 September 2013 20:02:17*****
Project Appraisal Document on Proposed Loan to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the Trung Son Hydropower ProjectProject FinancingEnglish19 August 2013 22:06:17*****
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