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Welcome to the Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Portal

The Water and Energy for Food aims to provide an overview of information related to clean energy and water-efficient technologies as well as increased energy efficiency to enhance agricultural production and value. Read more

SustainableEnergy teal.svg Sustainable Energy for Food

Agriculture is both one of the main energy consuming sectors and one of the most affected sectors by the effects of climate change. Understanding the nexus between energy and food is essential to develop climate-smart solutions in the agricultural sector.

WaterinAgriculture blue.svg Water Use in Agriculture

Around 70 percent of global freshwater withdrawals go into agriculture. Sustainable water management is pivotal in order to increase water use efficiency and ensure food and nutrition security.

Application blue.svg Application in Food and Agriculture

Sustainable energy can be applied in a large variety of agricultural activities, ensuring electricity supply in remote areas while increasing farmers’ incomes by saving costs on energy provision from traditional sources.

EnergySource blue.svg Energy Source for Food Production

Depending on the geographical location, some energy sources are more suitable for agricultural production and processing steps than others. Adapting to local conditions is essential to improve energy efficiency.

ValueChain blue.svg Value Chain

The implementation of sustainable energy can be found among all steps of different value chains. Depending on production requirements and local conditions, technical innovations can improve farmers’ livelihoods considerably.

EnergyEfficiency blue.svg Energy Efficiency

The world’s first fuel is energy efficiency, key to protect natural resources and the climate. Identifying and solving efficiency gaps is crucial for sustainable development.

PoliciesRegulations blue.svg Policies and Regulations

The adoption of clean energy solutions can improve considerably when governmental action and regulations provide clear incentives and complement market development.

Financingteal.svg Financing and Business Models

As financing is usually the main barrier to gain access to innovative sustainable technologies, both appropriate financial instruments and thoughtful business models are necessary to promote and finance sustainable innovations.

Crosscutting icon.svg Cross-cutting Issues

The linkages between water, energy and agriculture impact a multitude of cross-cutting issues, such as gender, health and land rights.

Blank icon.svg Downloads and Links

All links for reports, case studies, innovations, tools and useful training material can be found here.

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