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Energypedia UG Nonprofit is an independent organization that was founded by four shareholders, namely Robert Heine, Andreas Michel, Sascha Müller and Kilian Reiche in 2012. Dr.Carsten Hellpap joined the team as a shareholder in 2020. The team consists of young and committed group of founding partners and team members.

We work daily with our users to improve energypedia and we are your direct contact point.

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Energypedia Team (as of Jan 2023)

Lisa Feldmann
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Energy Advisor and Communication Manager
Energy Access, Communication

"Knowledge is key for the successful dissemination of renewable energies and a sustainable development in general. I am happy to be part of energypedia and to support practitioners worldwide to share their experience."

Hector Alfaro
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IT and User Support

"Information is knowledge and knowledge empowers a society. Energypedia provides an atmosphere where information and knowledge flow freely and transcend boundaries. I believe in the power of information.”

Diane Röschen
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Communications Specialist

"Energypedia is a great platform for accessing and sharing quality information on renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge, energypedia provides people with the vital resources to combat climate change and increase access to sustainable energy sources worldwide."

Robert Heine
Robert Heine

Founder and Managing Director

"Energypedia is primarily a platform to connect people and knowledge regarding renewable energy, but it is also a greater vision on how to make development cooperation more effective, transparent and efficient. That's why I founded energypedia."

Carsten Hellpap


"The Internet is full of information about renewable energy and energy access, where much of the text is repetitive. Energypedia offers the unique opportunity to get expert knowledge in a condensed and continuously updated form.'"