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Your company is engaged in the field of renewable energy and creates access to clean energy for people locally or worldwide? Great! We would like to support you in this!

For our sponsoring and funding partners, we offer concrete services in digital marketing in addition to an enormous reach and access to a relevant target group.

With, we have succeeded in building an internationally prosperous knowledge sharing platform on renewable energy and energy access based on the model of Wikipedia. Read our vision and mission here. Since 2010, about 12,638 energy experts from practice and science have registered and written around 5,965 articles. With around 70,000-90,000 monthly visitors from public, non-governmental and private sectors, energypedia is the most successful platform in this field worldwide.

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Key media data in 2023:

► 70,000 - 90,000 visitors per month

► over 12,361 registered users

► over 5,925 articles on renewable energies

► around 1.26 million page views

► our users came from 201 distinct countries

► 6,000 newsletter subscribers

Our visitors are working in the following sectors:

Source: Energypedia User Survey 2019

Our visitors come from:

Source: Energypedia User Survey 2019

Find further media data here.

Services Basic
from 1,000€*
from 2,500€*
Your logo on the sponsor page on
Your logo in our monthly newsletter
Use of the energypedia logo for your website
News or featured content in our newsletter
Your logo in the footer of and therefore visible on all energypedia pages
Featured content in a matching, search-engine-highly-rated article on

*The prices of the sponsorship packages are per year and are established according to the size of the company (see table below). We offer 15% discount for ARE members!

Company Size Basic Advanced
Small enterprises with <20 employees 1,000€ 2,500€
Medium-sized enterprises with 20 to 100 employees 2,500€ 5,000€
Large enterprises with more than 100 employees 5,000€ 10,000€

Energypedia acts independently and wants to remain the leading knowledge platform on renewable energies. Therefore, we review each company and content with regard to our terms of use and reserve the right to remove inappropriate content.

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Promote Your Company and Their Services Through Targeted Content Placement

Your featured content (e.g. Case Study) on - the best way to share your company's products and experiences with our worldwide community. Take a look at our Solar Home Systems article to see how your case study will look like at energypedia.

Benefit From Our Visibility, Reach and Network

Anyone searching the Internet for topics such as renewable energies quickly comes across energypedia. energypedia ranks among the top results on Google for the following topics:

► Solar Home Systems
► Mini Grids
► Biogas digester
► Humanitarian Energy
► Solar Powered Irrigation Systems
► Pico PV Systems
► Improved Cookstoves
► Productive Use of Energy
► Solar Dryer

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