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Energypedia is a wiki platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy, energy access, and energy efficiency topics in developing countries.

The Energypedia Story

Worldwide, close to one in ten people lack access to electricity, and nearly one in three cooks over unhealthy fires. Providing people with access to modern and climate-friendly energy is one of the 21st century’s central challenges.

Despite ongoing international cooperation in support of clean and renewable energy, there is still a lack of first-hand knowledge about modern and sustainable energy solutions in developing countries. It is often only available locally or within individual implementing organisations, and is difficult for individuals, other organisations and governments to access. The idea for energypedia was born out of this need for the broader dissemination of knowledge on sustainable energy technologies.

And thus began the search for a way to create synergies and bring individual players together, which would only be possible through a communal effort and open collaboration.

Energypedia’s vision became clear: a world of open knowledge exchange on sustainable energy to accelerate a just energy transition. Our goal was to become the “Wikipedia for sustainable energy”.

In 2010, we launched energypedia within the Energising Development programme, a multi-donor initiative implemented by GIZ. In 2012, we officially emerged as an independent platform and embarked on a journey to empower global stakeholders and bridge gaps in the sustainable energy sector.

Energypedia has since been dedicated to its mission: empowering people worldwide by promoting free knowledge sharing, global collaboration and learning on renewable energy and energy access.

Our easy-to-use tools allow experts to write and share their experiences, collecting and disseminating relevant, high-quality information on our collaborative platform.

We bring together individuals from local, national and international organisations, academic institutions, and the public and private sectors who share the common goal of a sustainable and just global energy transition.

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