Create a New Article

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Create a New Article


1. Log into energypedia with your username and password.

2. Type the title of the article you want to create in the "Search bar" and press enter. Please capitalize the first letter of all the main words. For example, instead of writing "energy source as the article title, please write "Energy Source". Also, please do not use any abbreviations in the article title, for example instead of writing Cost of SHS, please write Cost of Solar Home System (SHS)

-> Learn more about the guidelines for writing a good article.

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3. If an article with that exact title already exists, it will be displayed under the search result and cannot be created. However, if an article with that exact title does not yet exist, the following text will appear: "Create the page followed by the article title in red". Click on the red article title to create a new page. 

4. Add your text to the article and then click on "Save page" button when you are finished.

5. Congratulations! You have now successfully created an article!

Now, please structure your article with headlines, include references and use categories. For more instructions visit our Help Portal.